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StarCraft ® II: Wings of Liberty, we have undertaken to improve the model of StarCraft – the real-time strategy paced carefully balanced and challenging tactical – adding an association system more efficient, feature modern social new units and an ambitious campaign scripted. With Heart of the Swarm, StarCraft we take one step further: to the ends of the galaxy.

We will lead you to unexplored worlds, delve deeper than ever into the collective consciousness of the Zerg, improve competition on Battle.net. We will also highlight the content developed by our community, to unveil the new maps of our playground is what you concoct strategists Heart of the Swarm:


The rest of the story
The story continues in StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm, the conflict between the descendants of humanity, and anhedral fierce psionic warriors: Terran, Zerg and Protoss. These three races struggle to survive, while the spectrum of gods from elsewhere threatens to sweep the fragile stability of the rest of the galaxy.

Sarah Kerrigan, the former Queen of Blades zerg regained his humanity through an ancient relic. But all those whose path it crosses continue to see her as a danger. And she keeps it in memory of a time when she reigned over the Swarm – as well as his thirst for vengeance.

Head Zerg
Zerg will sweep across the galaxy, and you control their avatar avenger. You annihilate your targets with powerful psionic powers Kerrigan and his years of training commando ghost.

Kerrigan constantly gain power during his fight to gather and develop the zerg Swarm. By completing missions and objectives advanced, you can access the new powers that reinforce it (eg with regenerative abilities or psionic attacks destructive) or swarm (eg with the ability to get cankers soil or resurrect the dead zerglings to your base).

Kerrigan’s presence on the battlefield called titanic clashes. You send the ex-Queen of Blades and clutches an assault on entire armies, but also meet extraordinary threats (ancient zerg who refuse allegiance, mega-mecha anti-armor, etc..) For “fighting boss “never seen in StarCraft.

Grow the Swarm
The zerg Swarm grows and evolves constantly, and you can make way to vote in the pit evolution of Kerrigan. Absorb biomass planets you won, and you can choose between two branches of evolution for your Zerg strains: you could move your zerglings in leaping raptors or moths teeming, specialize your army harassment or play on the power number … and change forever the Swarm.

You can also modify zerg strains on the fly by mutating your units between missions, for example by improving the attack speed of your zerglings if you face armored units.


The Dogs of War, and more
New units
New advanced units and initiatives desperate give a new face to the war. Newly developed units for each race come as Storm Viper and mine-widow, and redynamisent clashes in the Koprulu sector.

Meanwhile, other units experienced evolve to adapt to new practices warriors. For example, hellions fire eaters can become cleaners fighting in melee, and the protoss mothership can now be built from the core mothership, a building able to recall entire armies at the base or purify attackers with his gun psionic. And all this is only the beginning.

The drive modes now include detailed guides and challenges of speed to help you refine your game yet, order by order and shortcut shortcut. We also improved artificial intelligence and sense of orientation units, which promises even more intense battles customized.

Finally, our space fighters have now learned new dance steps!
New cards
When two minds clash, the game is also important that these items above. Heart of the Swarm introduces new multiplayer maps for StarCraft II official, to renew the gaming experience in the ranking as in custom games. With these cards come new sets: Protoss space stations, deserts ice terranes cities, jungles, etc.. We also change the rules of the game with new terrain features, such as rocks lowerable that can be used to block certain zones.

All aspects of the graphics engine StarCraft experiencing changes in Heart of the Swarm. Our physics engine has been tweaked: mucus, purple and disgusting, climbing on buildings and units defeated explode, fall apart or collapse with new dynamic animations and varied. The AI ​​has undergone several improvements, in order to add new levels of difficulty against the computer.

Your world
Improved community features
Heart of the Swarm is an opportunity for a major overhaul of the multiplayer experience of StarCraft. Groups (formed around an activity or a specific passion) and clans (teams facing competition) allow you to gather to practice or play in teams, communicate easily with private chat channels, meet players who share your interests and share strategies. You can also participate in the ranking of any region while playing in your language.

We give you full control over the progress of your parties. Take control functionality allows you to continue a saved game on video, which will enable you to replay famous games between pro players. In addition, you can watch in real time with your friends any saved game, functionality and rely on to recover save your progress in a multiplayer game (in case you could sustain a untimely disconnect your network).

If you want to compete against players of your level without having to worry about your ranking, you can use the system to play association of the non-classified. The multiplayer Heart of the Swarm (solo parts and custom) will also include a leveling system that allows you to treat your style with portraits, graffiti, dance and visual units according to unblock the parts you have played.

Battle.net has a revised interface, cleaner and easy to use.
The editor
Major improvements are planned for the already powerful editor for StarCraft II. Currently, it allows extreme changes in maps and game types exist as well as the creation of puzzle games, fighting, action / platform, etc..

For the release of Heart of the Swarm, we’re going to improve it even more easy to use advanced features to your scenes, best design module interface approach more efficient land and triggers, additional libraries functions for even more pace and depth in your maps and mods, Arcade and further improved to make it even easier to find, publish and vote for the community cards.

So you can get started today, we make more of these community features and multiplayer available for all players Wings of Liberty without waiting for the launch of Heart of the Swarm, with the 2.0 update.Dont waste any time grab the new Heart of the Swarm Hacks now.